frequently asked questions

We often receive inquiries that are easy to answer. We try to answer the most frequent and important ones here.

If you have further questions or suggestions, please write them to us. You can reach us at any time on- and offline.

What are we?

We are a creative agency that does not concentrate completely on one specialist area. You can challenge us in almost any field. If we cannot offer you a solution directly, we at least know who can.

We deliver our work mostly digital. Thus the Internet is not only the player medium but also the delivery and storage medium.

If you ask us for conventional art like painting, graphics, sculptures, graffiti, installations or similar, you will receive these works physically delivered to the place of your choice

Where are we?

Our studio and physical address are in Belgium, East Flanders. However, we can be reached globally and independently of time via the Internet.

We use cloud storage from Google and Microsoft to exchange and synchronize project data with our customers. This happens in real-time and is available to all project members.

If you do not have or do not want your own web server, we can offer you inexpensive hosting. We take care of and maintain all kinds of web hosting for you if desired. This also includes the setup of email addresses and other options.

Of course, we are also available for personal meetings and project discussions at any time. Longer journeys and stays abroad will be charged accordingly.

When are we?

We are available for our customers 24/7. If we are traveling and cannot respond, you will receive a message and alternative assistance.

You can reach us by telephone at 24/7. Email inquiries are usually answered the same day.

We stand 100% by our agreements and will fulfill them to our disadvantage if necessary.

We guarantee our customers flawless and exact services at the conditions we have agreed. Should faulty services have been delivered, we will correct this immediately. For installations and external services such as server software, we can only give limited grants, but will always assist you in case of errors.