about us

The DIVISION was founded in 1995 by J├╝rgen Buschbaum in Heidenheim, Germany, as a studio for multimedia and graphic design. After more than 10 years in the fields of advertising, design, and art, we felt it was time to face the challenge of new media such as the Internet, multimedia, and media design. The name should also suggest freelance work as a freelancer, quasi as an external department (division).

After moving to Dubai in 2002, we revived The DIVISION in 2006 and worked for new clients in the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries. We expanded our services and portfolio with new focuses on photography and project management.

Our Portfolio

Grafic Design

In the classic field of graphic design, we focus on branding, corporate design, and logo design. We create complete concepts for company and product presentations as well as individual tasks in the individual areas.

Web Design

The Internet replaced many non-digital media and made the flow of information and presentation faster and more targeted. We are highly specialized in the design and programming of sophisticated websites as well as in all ancillary services such as search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising.


Since the Internet is the new multimedia platform that covers the most common tasks, we continue to create interactive multimedia shows for presentations and special events. The combination of video, sound, animation, and interaction has not lost its fascination and appeal.


We photograph the moments of your event, your story, or your idea and show them in a very special way.
After the shooting, we know how to edit and optimize the photos for your projects. You can find a small insight into our work here.


We are specialists in creating professional PowerPoint templates and also complex presentations. We would be happy to prepare your content and core statements, illustrate them, and put them into appealing and understandable formats. Hereby we distinguish between live presentations and handouts, which can also be offered for download.


Another very sensational area of our photography is aerial and interior shots with a drone. Spectacular videos and unique, high-resolution photos can be realized without major costs.