about Juergen Buschbaum

Born in 1961 in Heidenheim, Germany, Juergen Buschbaum began to be creative very young. At the age of 15 he had his first exhibition as an artist and studied graphic & art in Stuttgart, Belgrade and Berlin.

In 1986 he founded the ID advertising agency together with Bernd Kolb in Aalen, Germany. He worked with computers in desktop publishing and multimedia for the first time.

With the advent of the Internet, Juergen moved almost entirely into multimedia and digital design, using his skills to create presentation and information systems as well as knowledge-based training and learning software. Very early on he also started to create websites and internet solutions.

In 2001 he was awarded the German Internet Award as a team member of Logeon, one of the first German eCommerce Fulfillment solutions.

After moving to Dubai, he continued to work in multimedia and web design for various clients such as Kempinski. He had the idea and designed the famous logo of the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi. As the technology of digital photography became more and more advanced and high quality, Juergen concentrated more and more on photography. Today he has a rich portfolio of images in various styles and techniques, ranging from black and white portraits to high resolution panoramic shots. (www.buschbaum.com)

J├╝uergen Buschbaum has been married to Heidi Steen for more than 15 years and loves to travel and move in the great outdoors. He likes to discuss and drink a beer with friends.

Some of my strengths


I love being creative. I have to be creative by all means. This is the way I express myself, communicate and develop myself. It is my gift to people, friends and my world.

  • Graphic design
  • Web Design
  • Photography


My communication skills are very high because I use more than just words to tell a story. My works of art, my pictures speak and my multimedia work enables interactive feedback.


Being social is more than important to me. The world is only fueled by dedication and commitment. Love and humanity are the engine.


I love my wife Heidi <3